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GREEN IMAGE ORGANIC was born in 1999, GREEN IMAGE ORGANIC stands as the pinnacle of pure, natural, organic, quality food and equipment. We have three leading product brand throughout the world: BIOGREEN, ORGANIC FOREST and GENIUS INNOVATION, we are inspired by natural and organic agriculture and the ongoing cause of sustainability - both of health and of the environment. And we are humbled by our profound respect for the life of all things -- thus we use of 100% vegetarian ingredients.

We have builds up good relationships with natural, organic growers and consciousness food makers the world over. We have dedicated business partner who share our goals, and are grateful to be supporting, as they support us. GREEN IMAGE also support more than 80 family farms with over 8,000 acres of vibrant natural and organic farm land.

We are inspired to provide the safest, most nutritious, natural and organically grown food that can be found on earth. That's why we visit with the growers who grow our natural and organic food frequently, and walk thru their farm to share our feedback and goals.

Besides sourcing for the best natural and organic food, we also source for the best equipment in order for the consumers to process and cook their food, to maintain the best nutrient, enzymes and vitamin which they deserved to obtain from their food. In addition, some others products with the brand of GENIUS INNOVATION are meant to improve the health and quality of life.

In short, the aim of GREEN IMAGE ORGANIC is to provide the best quality life supporting food and equipment to all the consumers.

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